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WikiProject Interesting Content

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The WikiProject Interesting Content recognizes the role of dynamic content and first-person accounts, such as data visualizations and hacker/dev/research blogs, in communicating the value and opportunities of a project like Wikidata. It also acknowledges the importance of community building to sustaining Wikimedia Foundation projects, and how this in part can be achieved through the recognition of contributions to Wikidata.

With these two things in mind, the aim of the WikiProject Interesting Content is to promote some of the awesome work coming out of the Wikidata community.

Its goals will be to:

  • collect, recommend, and select interesting content related to Wikidata
  • prepare interesting content to be featured on the Main page "Discover" section
  • coordinate regular updates to the "Discover" section of the Main page (including necessary related tasks and subtasks such as translation)

Other possible tasks the WikiProject could take on:



  • develop criteria for selection of content to be featured on the Main page
    • does a content item need a certain # of support votes by other users?
    • what happens in conflict-of-interest cases when a user recommending content is the author?
    • how to select for something like WikiProject of the month? Should we select? Or should WikiProjects submit themselves as candidates?
  • develop recommendations for a schedule of content
    • can the same content be featured on the Main page more than once?
    • how frequently can a certain item of content be repeated?
    • how often should the "Discover section" be updated?
  • should outside tools/platforms be highlighted, for example Histropedia?


Suggestions for Interesting Content[edit]

Featured tool[edit]

  • interesting applications and easy-to-understand (or are supported by adequate documentation); pull from Wikidata:Tools/External_tools
  • could also include gadgets/scripts that make editing/contributing easier

Tempo-spatial display


Featured item[edit]

Cambridge Reasonator.png Ethanol Reasonator.png

Featured WikiProject[edit]

  • newly created or working towards a deadline for something, on in support of something newsworthy


Featured research[edit]

  • research/analysis conducted using Wikidata (by users or by press)


Featured collaboration[edit]

Did you know?[edit]


On this day[edit]

  • could pick out events and link them to items (similar to Twitter account), or could scrape from Wikipedia's "On this day" and point to related items

Suggestions for future content[edit]

Featured query[edit]

  • for when queries are implemented

Maintenance of the month[edit]

  • could spotlight collective maintenance tasks for Wikidata looking for contributors, example: moving all task forces to WikiProjects
  • depends on creation of said portal

Tools directory[edit]